Olga Norris: contemporary stitched textiles
Olga Norris
contemporary stitched textiles

My impulse is always to tell a story, exploring what might grandly be described as the human condition from the basis of my own emotional experiences.  Concerned more with gesture than any detail of identity, my figures and their relationships are caught in a moment of time, evoking a narrative - open to fit in any myth of the viewer's making.  Inspiration comes not only from my own history of relationships; but generally from people-watching: observing conversations, interactions and exchanges -
a fascination with body language and how we read ... or misread it.

International exhibitions:

Quilt National 2015
European Art Quilts VII 2012
Quilt National 2011
European Quilt Triennial 2009 – Innovation in quilting award
Quilt National 2007
Contemporary Art Quilts 2004
Contemporary Art Quilts 2003



I live and work in Hampshire, England.

You can contact me by email: olga@olganorris.com

My blog is Threading Thoughts