Olga Norris
contemporary stitched textiles
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Recent work

My processes are generally slow, so, work which has recently been completed has been in my head and around the studio for several months, if not years. The design process is an unpredictable mixture of fast and slow, activity and passivity. Added to the design process are now my recent non-digital printmaking experiments.

The completed designs are usually printed digitally onto cloth, and then the next stage is worked by hand, with measured contemplation: some decisions made beforehand, and some as the work dictates. There has to be room at each stage for random ‘accident’ within the overall control. I enjoy (most) unexpected occurrences and constraints which demand creative problem-solving.

This means that I am always thinking about work at different stages. The completion of some pieces occurs as I am making choices about those ready to stitch, while also designing the next works, and receiving the input which will lead to subsequent designs. Also, working on one way of presenting a design will often inspire a different way of using the same image.